Kurt Angle Discusses When He’ll Retire, Coaching, More


Credit: James Caldwell and Pwtorch.com

TNA wrestler Kurt Angle says he has one-and-a-half-years remaining on his TNA contract, but he would like to wrestle longer.

“I do plan on going two-to-three years and then I’m done,” Angle told 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh during a recent interview. “I will retire. When I retire, that means I’m done. It means I’m finished with it for good.”

Angle did not say whether he is considering returning to WWE for a farewell tour or if he will renew with TNA for a farewell tour. He did say TNA wants him to continue working for the company after he officially retires.

“I love pro wrestling. I know that TNA wants me to stay involved even after I’m done and retired. We’ll see what happens there,” Angle said. “But, I’m definitely going to get back to amateur wrestling.”

Angle said he plans to “get back to his roots” in amateur wrestling after getting a “wake-up call” from the International Olympic Committee voting to drop wrestling from the Olympics starting in 2020.

Angle said he would like to coach wrestling, either at the high school or Olympic level. But, “definitely not college,” he said.

Besides coaching wrestling, Angle said he wants to focus on his Angle Foods business. He said his company is considering shutting down their Pittsburgh-area restaurant to put all of their manpower behind Angle Food’s pizza program. Angle said the restaurant has “done well” and they plan to keep the restaurant open “a few more months,” but they have found their niche selling healthy pizzas.

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