Kurt Angle Gives Advice To Gable Steveson Ahead Of WWE Career


Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson has signed with WWE, but won’t start his career until he finishes up with school. In the meantime, he will train at school before going to the Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

Kurt Angle, a 1996 Olympic gold medalist, gave some advice to the prospect while speaking on Jobbing Out.

“Well first thing I would tell (Gable Steveson) is forget everything he learned the last 20 years. The amateur wrestling, throw it out the window. All it will do is affect you, it’ll harm you, it won’t help you. You know, one thing about amateur wrestling is you go for the kill, you go for the pin as quickly as possible.

There’s no psychology behind it. You also have to show emotion. In amateur wrestling, you don’t show emotion. You don’t show if you’re scared, or excited or nervous. You just go out there and you do your thing. In pro wrestling, you have to show a lot of emotion. You have to show when you’re angry, you’re scared, you know, pissed off, happy, excited.

“It crosses over to the fans so, I had to forget everything I ever learned especially my moves because I was very aggressive in amateur wrestling and I had to pull back a little bit and say, ‘Okay, let me give my body to the guys that are in the ring with me.’ So I would give up my body and I would learn how to bump properly and sell properly and I took a less aggressive approach.I think Gable should do that because if he doesn’t, a lot of guys are gonna be terrified of him and they’re not gonna want to get in the ring with him. If he’s shooting for real, they don’t like that so that’s one piece of advice I would tell him.”

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