Kurt Angle – ‘JBL Was Among The Best Heels, Eddie Guerrero’s Blade Job Was The Worst Cut Ever’


On the latest episode of his “The Kurt Angle Show,” WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recalled one of the most violent and bloody matches in WWE history, the WWE Championship bout between JBL and Eddie Guerrero at Judgment Day 2004.

JBL won the match via disqualification after Guerrero blasted him in the face with the title. The official called for the bell, and JBL was declared the winner, albeit by disqualification, meaning that Guerrero retained the WWE Championship.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the cut that Guerrero had when he bladed “Worst gimmick I’ve ever seen. The worst cut ever. He hit an artery, and it would not stop bleeding. It was just pulsating out. I mean, it was horrible. I mean, there was so much blood in the ring and all over Eddie and Bradshaw it was ridiculous. It was like half of Eddie’s blood from his body came out of his body. It was crazy. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life because he didn’t get rushed to the hospital. The dude is getting lightheaded or something.”

On JBL being a top heel: “JBL was rarely ever a heel. You know, his APA run, they were usually babyfaces. They were over [APA as babyfaces]. I mean, probably better than anybody ever in the history of the business [JBL’s heel turn]. Bradshaw was one of the best heels I’ve ever seen in my life. He was very unlikable. OK, That’s one thing about him. Bradshaw was hated. I mean, he had, he had so much heat, you know? It was pathetic. He’s the master of talking.”

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