Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Not Convinced That Vince McMahon Has Retired From WWE


The wrestling world is still talking about Vince McMahon‘s WWE retirement. There are some people who don’t believe McMahon will stay away, including Kurt Angle.

The WWE Hall of Famer told Renee Dupree on his Cafe de Rene podcast that he still believes McMahon is pulling the strings behind-the-scenes.

“I personally don’t think he’s fully retired. You know Vince, he’s gonna be behind-the-scenes [laughs]. Vince is not letting go of that company, he will not let it go until his hands are dead cold and they pry it out of his cold, dead hands. He’s not letting go of that company until he dies. And that’s just it.”

“I’m not trying to cause any problems for WWE or for Vince McMahon, because I love Vince to death. But there is no way he is going to let it go. He already set up, you know, Stephanie [McMahon] being in charge and Triple H being in charge of talent relations. He’s got everybody in the right positions so that he could continue to run the show.”

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