Kurt Angle Not Returning For The WWE Draft/Brand Split, A Future Return Still Possible?


UPDATE: Despite rumors from Forbes.com, The Wrestling Observer and multiple mainstream media outlets, Kurt Angle is not returning to WWE any time soon. WWE officials are saying that Angle isn’t returning to the company at this time. Of course, it’s possible he could return at some point down the line, but it will not be during the WWE Brand Split/Draft on July 19th according to WWE officials.

Angle appeared on Mark Madden’s radio show just this past Monday and said that a return to WWE would be coming (“not if, but when” according to him – see below) and said that while no deal was in place as of Monday, he’s had conversations with Triple H. Of course, speculation grew online with those comments and some rumors were even suggesting a deal was done and a start date had been established.

Angle said after he finished his TNA deal in March that he was “taking a year off”, although he’s done several indy shows since then, working matches against Rey Mysterio Jr., Zack Sabre and others.

ORIGINAL: Former WWE and TNA Superstar Kurt Angle appeared on Mark Madden’s radio show on Monday and discussed a possible return to WWE, his health, retirement and more.

When asked about a return to WWE, Angle said, “Will I return? Yes,” He continued, “I don’t know when” and said it was a matter of “if, not when” he was back in WWE. Angle confirmed that he last spoke with Triple H about six weeks ago, prior to the WWE brand split announcement. He said he has not been contacted since his last conversation with “H” but was hoping to receive a phone call in the near future. Angle says he’s on “good terms” with WWE at the current time.

Angle told Mark Madden that he wants “one more match” and that it was what he’d spoken with the company about. Angle said he doesn’t know if WWE is in a position to need older talent but said he can “still get it done in the ring and go best the best of them.” Regarding his future in pro wrestling, Angle said he “doesn’t plan to wrestle much longer” but that he would like to wrestle part-time for WWE before transitioning to managing. He specifically named “American Alpha” as a team he’d like to manage.

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