Kurt Angle: Olympics Quest Was A ‘Waste Of Time’


Kurt Angle spoke with the Associated Press about his failed bid to make the Olympics, which was curtailed due to an injury. Check out the highlights:

On the injury: ‘ I feel like it was a waste of time. Here I am, at the 11:30 hour, and I get the worst injury I’ve gotten in the last year. I’ve had four or five injuries, but I’ve worked around them. This one, I can’t work around. There’s no way around it.”

On being advised by US Olympic Team coach Zeke Jones to withdraw: ”We have such incredible, awesome competition, that with my MCL injury, they would have torn me apart.”

On his match at Lockdown still being on: ”In amateur wrestling, I have no control over what’s going to happen to me. My No. 1 priority is TNA Wrestling. With TNA, I can work around my injuries and still have a five-star match.”

On whether he would have made it if not for the injury: ”I really thought that I had a legitimate shot of at least making the team, or being an Olympic alternate. At 43, no one’s ever done it. I had that opportunity. I had that shot.”

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