Kurt Angle On His Reaction To Jason Jordan Story Pitch


During an interview with Between the Ropes (via Wrestling Inc), Kurt Angle talked about his reaction to getting the Jason Jordan story pitched to him. Below are highlights and video:

On wanting to wrestle again: “I get that feeling that I want to get back in that ring and go at it. Hopefully down the road I take the physical and we get moving in that direction, but right now I’m very happy in being the GM.”

On being pitched the Jason Jordan story: “When Vince approached me and told me about it I loved it, I said, ‘let’s do this’. Anything that separates me from the rest, I’m going to do it and he knew that.”

He also stated that he heard the rumors he was booked to wrestle Triple H at the Summerslam, but if it were true, Vince McMahon would’ve told him about it earlier so that could. He additionally said that he would like to wrestle early next year, but it is up to McMahon.

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