Kurt Angle Reacts To James Storm Turning Down A WWE Contract


During a recent episode of his “The Kurt Angle Show” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle commented on James Storm turning down an offer to go to WWE, what he believes Storm could have become in the company, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On James Storm turning down an offer from WWE: “I just think that WWE looked him over. I know they gave him an opportunity to go to NXT and he didn’t take the offer and they never offered again. Unfortunately for James, I do believe he would’ve been a big star in WWE.


“A few years ago, Triple H offered him a deal, starting out in NXT and James didn’t like the money figure so he refused it and Triple H never contacted him again. I know that James tried to reach back and see if they were still interested but for some reason, the company wasn’t interested. I don’t know if they were turned off because James turned down the deal, I don’t know what the situation was but they should’ve contacted James again. James should be in WWE but I’m not sure why he isn’t.”

On Storm’s talents: “I thought James was awesome, I thought his in-ring skills were great, his promo skills were off the charts. He had a great character, he had a great look. He had all the facets to be a very successful pro wrestler. The one thing I thought that James might have changed, it’s very minute, very small, but James tended to be a little lazy once in a while. That was his only downfall and it wasn’t even that much of a problem. It was just every once in a while he would get a little lazy. As far as his performances and his consistency, he was damn good.”

On whether Beer Money would have fit in the Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression era: “I think they would’ve fitted perfectly in both. One or the other, it didn’t really matter. They would’ve had a lot more fun in the Attitude Era and that tag team would’ve been so over, so entertaining. Especially during the Attitude Era when you could do crazy stuff. These guys would’ve been incredibly successful superstars in WWE.”

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