Kurt Angle Reveals His Closest Friends In Both WWE & iMPACT! Wrestling, & More


WWE Superstar Kurt Angle did a new Q&A on his Facebook page over the weekend. You can check out some highlights from the Q&A below:

On which WWE NXT Superstars he’d like to face: “Velveteen [Dream] and [Aleister] Black. Both have amazing futures, if they stay healthy.”

On the last time he got irritated by a fan: “When they chanted ‘You Suck’ to me. Wait! That’s every night. Lol.”

On who he wants to face in WWE’s World Cup: “I think every wrestler in the World Cup has a shot to win. I’ve already gone against [John] Cena, [Randy] Orton, [Rey] Mysterio, and [Jeff] Hardy. I have yet to face Miz, [Seth] Rollins, or [Dolph] Ziggler. Any of them are exceptional. Bring it on. I’m ready to win it.”

On his closest friends in both WWE and iMPACT! Wrestling (TNA): “In WWE, my closest friends have been Edge, Christian, Rhino, Orton, Big Show, and Brock [Lesnar]. In TNA – AJ [Styles], [Samoa] Joe, Christopher Daniels, [Frankie] Kazarian, James Storm, Abyss, and Bobby Roode were my buddies. I might have missed a couple too.”

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