Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle Reveals Unusual Career Advice Following Gold Medal Win


Speaking on his recent podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle opened up about some rather unorthodox advice he received following his gold medal victory (with a broken freakin’ neck) in 1996.

On some unusual career advice: “In 1996, after the Olympics, I actually went to L.A. I had a friend of mine – you know Dennis Miller? His brother is Jimmy, he owns Mosaic Talent. He manages Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, all the big stars. He brought me out to LA after the Olympics and we met with production companies and he was getting me really fired up. He wanted me to move out there.

“A [different] friend of mine got me a gift, an interview with a psychic. I go to the psychic [and] the psychic said that if I went out to L.A. right now, all I would do is waste my money from the Olympics. I decided not to go.”

Angle would eventually go on to act onscreen, but not until later in his career. Angle continued, “I didn’t go for any auditions until, until gosh, until I got into TNA. Part of the reason why I went to WWE is to start my acting career.”

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