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News​Kurt Angle Reveals Whether He's Ever Been Involved In A Backstage Fight,...

​Kurt Angle Reveals Whether He’s Ever Been Involved In A Backstage Fight, His Relationship With HHH



Former WWE and TNA Superstar Kurt Angle recently appeared on Vince Russo’s PodcstOne podcast and discussed a variety of topics. Here are some highlights:

On his relationship with Triple H: “I haven’t spoken to Triple H up until this day since I left WWE. My manager had a call with him about a year and a half ago and we were going to have a meeting. That meeting got canceled. I have to attribute that to my 4 DUIs in 5 years. I don’t blame WWE for not want to do business with somebody that is that careless. Now I’ve been clean and sober for 3 years, but, you have to earn your trust back. I understand that.”

On wanting closure with WWE: “It’s not about even wrestling for the WWE again, it’s just having closure. Being able to have that meeting with Vince where everything is good, it’s water under the bridge and we’re good to go.”

On if he ever got into a backstage fight: “It happened with Eddie Guerrero and it was a pretty quick fight. Eddie was pretty frustrated at the time. As talented as he was, his body was breaking down. He was in a car accident in the early 200s, then he had to go to rehab to get himself straightened out. When he got out he was doing great, but was still struggling physically and mentally – his body just wasn’t holding up. Working with him he was always yelling and screaming afterwards say I was too stiff and I needed to take better care of him. After a while I just said, ‘F-it, Eddie, if you have a problem with me let’s go right now.’ The fight didn’t last long. I got him in a front headlock and started choking him out. (Laughing) The funny this is, JBL, who likes to stir things up, later asked Eddie, ‘Why would you try to double leg an Olympic Gold Medalist?’”

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