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Kurt Angle Reveals Whether There Are Any Plans For Him To Do One Final Match


During a recent appearance on “The Wrassingh Show,” WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle commented on the possibility of having one more match, his thoughts on Ric Flair’s final match, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On if there’s any plan for him to have one more match: “No there’s not. It’s just that in pro wrestling, anything’s possible and you know, maybe down the road, I might have the itch to do it again, I don’t have it now and I don’t want it now but you never know. You wait a couple years after your knee replacement surgery and you see how you feel and if it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, that’s okay!”

On if John Cena is the guy he would want to have a last match with: “Well you know what, John… I still think that he is possibly still in his prime so I would definitely say John Cena and the reason for that is I’m 53 years old, I’m not the same athlete I was when I was 33. and when I decided to retire, it was because I lost the step and I didn’t want the fans remember me as the person that was in the ring when I returned to WWE, I wanted them to remember me as the person who was in his prime that was really literally the best wrestler in the world and uh so knowing that and knowing that John’s still in his prime, I know that he can carry me through a match. You know, I’ll give you an example- Ric Flair did not pick an older guy to wrestle, he picked Jay Lethal. There’s this reason for that! Jay Luther is going to make him look good because he’s younger and he’s in his prime and and that’s what I would want if I came back and wrestled. I’d want a Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins or even a John Cena! Those are the names that I would pick because I know those guys would carry me through the match.”

On Ric Flair’s Last Match: “I mean you know what, Ric Flair.. anytime he goes out there and does his thing, it’s always entertaining. I thought it was entertaining. I just.. you know it was kind of sad because you know, Ric was.. he was the greatest wrestler in his era! He really was! And to see him like that.. Not that he did a bad job, he was just really limited. But but you know what it is impressive I mean the guy’s 74 years old and he’s still got in the ring and wrestled! That’s pretty damn good! You have to give him credit for that!”

On if he believes it was really Flair’s last match: “Oh no!” [laughs] These guys, they always have retirement matches! If you remember Terry Funk, he’s had about 28 retirement matches. that’s right I’m not sure I don’t know if Ric’s gonna have another match. I believe he’s crazy enough to and I do believe that he’s popular enough to.. That people are going to order the match on pay-per-view if he does so. You know Ric Flair is a big draw, he always will be regardless of how old he gets or or you know, if he’s not in his prime anymore or not able to wrestle as well as he used to. They’re still going to see him, they’re still going to pay to see him.”

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