Kurt Angle: Seth Rollins Is The Next Shawn Michaels


WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has lavished praise on Seth Rollins, saying he will be the next Shawn Michaels.

Like Michaels, Rollins is a Royal Rumble winner, multi-time World Champion, and WrestleMania headliner.


Both men are WWE Grand Slam Champions, though earned the honor under different criteria.

On his Kurt Angle show, the Olympian addressed Rollins’ success and bright future.

“It’s not too much of a leap to say that he is the next Shawn Michaels. I believe he will eventually. He’s not there yet because Shawn put in a lot more years, you know, like 30-something years, but he does remind me of Shawn because everybody he wrestles, he has five-star matches.

“When you have that kind of chemistry with everybody, you’re an incredible performer, and I think Seth Rollins is a lot like Shawn Michaels.”

Rollins is currently in his second reign as WWE United States Champion after defeating Bobby Lashley earlier this month.

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