Kurt Angle Starring in Comedy Movie “Chasing Molly” **Exclusive Q&A**


We had this sent in to us today by actor and writer Shelley Pack. Directed by Josh Sutherland, it stars Kurt Angle, Felicia Day, Shelley Pack, Jim Cashman and several comedians. Chasing Molly is an adult comedy about a scam artist who specializes in paranormal cons, who accidentally makes off with a drug kingpin’s (portrayed by Kurt Angle) wares; which results in her partner being kidnapped.

Having an exchange with Shelley via email, she told us Kurt Angle “kills it in his performance”, and is a true champion and wonderful person. Variety did a blurb on it, which can be found at the following link: https://variety.com/2019/film/news/evangeline-lilly-ike-barinholtz-happy-life-comedy-1203207066/

Gravitas Ventures has acquired the North American rights to director Josh Sutherland’s comedy film “Chasing Molly.” The film is available on demand, including iTunes, Amazon prime, DVD and Blu-ray. Shelley Pack and Jim Cashman play a pair of con artists tangled in a web of misadventures after a misunderstanding with a ruthless drug dealer.

WWE star Kurt Angle and Felicia Day co-star in the comedy. Pack and Sutherland also produced. “We set out to make a raw unfiltered comedy where the characters are unapologetically funny,” they said. Scroll down (past the advert) for the Q&A.

Looking for more insight, I asked Shelley Pack if it were possible to contact Kurt to answer some questions about the movie and his current status. Thanks to Shelley, we are happy to share his answers to the questions I forwarded in this eWrestlingNews exclusive:

**Kurt Angle Q&A**

1) How much fun did you have playing a bad guy in this movie?
“It was a blast. I don’t swear much but I was throwing F bombs left and right. It was fun bullying my goons around. 😃”
2) Do you plan on starring in more movies in the future?
“Yes. I will pursue movies even more now since I retired from wrestling. Will be fun for me.
3) Are you finished up with WWE, at least in the short term?
“I still work for WWE behind the scenes. I Love being around the business. Great job to have.”
4) Are there any other wrestlers you would like to co-star in a movie with?
Dwayne Johnson of course. Steve Austin also. I’ve have great chemistry with these guys. They’re incredibly talented too.”
5) Does acting motivate you in a similar way to wrestling? Or is it entirely different?
“Acting is very similar to wrestling. There are a lot of “hurry up and wait” moments in both businesses. The difference is in wrestling you only get one chance. When acting in movies, you can do several takes for each scene until you get it right. I like that better. Lol.”
On behalf of EWN, we extend our gratitude to Kurt Angle and Shelley Pack for their time!

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