Kurt Angle Talks About Transitioning To The Independent Scene


Kurt Angle appeared on The Steve Austin Show, and here are the highlights:

The Transition To The Independent Scene: I took the shield off. I wanted to take a break. I actually got the chance to wrestle a few guys before I step out. One of the guys was Cody Rhodes. I had the chance of facing him a few times. It’s crazy; the indy scene is doing really well, especially in the UK, Scotland. They’re getting about 4-7,000 fans. They are livestreaming their ppv’s. The money is incredible, especially on an indy show. Wrestling right now is really good no matter where you are. I never thought I would make the money I am making wrestling on the indy scene. I know a couple of the wrestlers are doing; they didn’t tell me how much they were making but they were pretty happy with the pay. I wrestled Cody Rhodes, and I couldn’t believe the outcome and how they were able to advertise. I really believe these companies in the UK are about to get some major steam. I think they are going to get TV deals and get bigger. For some reason, wrestling out there is getting a lot hotter than wrestling here in the States.

His Opinion on the Indie Scene: I think that right now, I really believe the indy scene is just about good as WWE. I wouldn’t say completely, because obviously, WWE is the cream of the crop. Don’t get me wrong, WWE is heavy on recruiting. They have a lot of talent, but the indy scene is not that much worse. There are a lot of great matches, a lot of great workers. I was on a card with myself and Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio, there were a few other wrestlers that were former WWE and TNA wrestlers. This card is not just one match that is the headline, you’re going to have about 4 or 5 matches that made it to the big time, that will be on these cards, it’s ridiculous. I never thought I would get to see the day for that to happen.

Freedoms in It: They give me creative control. I can do what I want to do. Most matches I have been in this year, I have lost. I don’t see winning these matches on the indy scene being important to me. It’s more about having a great match with the guys. The fact that they are younger, it gives them a great rub with one of the best wrestlers ever. To me, the winning and losing part is not important, it’s just about getting my reps in. Next year I plan on going back somewhere. I don’t know where yet, but I wanted to keep myself mentally sharp. I booked my matches this year; one against Rey Mysterio, with Cody Rhodes. I have another one coming up with Alberto Del Rio, and Joe Coffey. I had a match with Zack Sabre Jr, who is in the Cruiserweight tournament. He’s a very talented kid. These guys I pretty much picked, knowing I would be able to wrestle these talented kids, before I attempt to most likely come back to WWE.

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