Kurt Angle Talks Face Turn, Possible Retirement, More


Credit: clarionledger.com

Kurt Angle recently spoke about his recent face turn and possible retirement, here are the highlights…

On His Recent Face Turn: “I’ve been struggling the past couple of years. A couple of times, they tried to turn me bad guy, it didn’t really work out. So, I think now – just keep him the good guy,” Angle said. “It’s kind of hard to be the bad guy now, when the fans have the respect for you.”

On The Possibility of Retirement: “I probably would have retired a a couple of years ago if I wasn’t so good,” Angle laughed. “It sounds very arrogant. I know it sounds very pompous, but yeah, when I started, I didn’t realize I was going to pick it up so quickly.” Now, Angle says he’s re-focused on pro wrestling after battling injuries during Olympics qualifying. “I do have a family. I have a job. And if I’m not working, I don’t get paid.”

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