Kurt Angle – ‘Vince McMahon Created My Wrestling Machine Gimmick’


On a recent edition of his “The Kurt Angle Show” podcast, Kurt Angle discussed switching to a more serious character during his feud with John Cena in 2005, his thoughts on Tomko, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On being more positioned as a serious wrestler in 2005: “Yeah, I being positioned more seriously. I wasn’t doing the goofy Kurt angle and the funny Kurt angle. It was more of a serious heel type of Kurt Angle. And I really liked doing it. It was the beginning of the Wrestling Machine. The fans really bought into me as a wrestling machine, the badass, they really did. Vince McMahon’s actually the one that wanted me to do that. He felt that I was doing too much comedy and that the fans weren’t going to take me seriously, as much as I disagreed with Vince and I still do, I think he made the right decision.”

On having Tomko as his heater: “Well, the company wanted me to do them a favor and have Tomko, and try to make the kid build the kid, teach him the ropes. So I didn’t mind doing that. I actually liked Tomko a lot. He actually ended up in TNA with me as well, so I got to know him really well and he’s one of my better friends.”

On putting over other talent: “Vince knew I was nice, right? And he knew I would never say no.”

On whether he thought Tomko could’ve been a main eventer: “Yeah, yeah. But he definitely had to work on his promo skills. You know, he didn’t do that much, but his in-ring work was really solid. I thought that eventually he could be a top guy. Definitely.”

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