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Kyle O’Reilly Speaks On Rivalry With Adam Cole, His Style, More


ROH World Heavyweight Champion Kyle O’Reilly recently spoke withPWPonderings about his career and more.

On his style:

“I’m just trying to do something different man. Just trying to create my own blend showcase wrestling how I like to observe it as well and that’s make the most realistic, logical series of moves in psychology that I can do.” O’Reilly continued, “I’m still playing with it and developing it and seeing what I can come up with to see what works and doesn’t work. You know, I’m just happy doing my own thing as well.”

On working in NJPW:

“The whole concept of being able to wrestle over there, is amazing,” said O’Reilly. “When you step between those ropes, there’s nothing really like. It is a very special place and the fans treat it as such. They treat it like a real sport and it is so respected and so just getting over there and being treated so well by the company, by the fans and by the wrestlers, the whole package is my favorite thing about it. I have had some memorable ones with KUSHIDA absolutely, and at the finals with the best of Super Juniors last year. I recently had a match with Shabata over there that was pretty cool as well, which was another cool moment for my career.”

On his rivalry with Adam Cole:

“You know, we have been bitter rivals and tag partners for the last seven years. It is special. As much as we are bitter, blood rivals, I owe my career to Adam Cole. I feel he has taken me to the next level and as a Singles Wrestler it has kept me relevant.”

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