Kyle O’Reilly Celebrates Referee Legend, Video of Roman Reigns Granting a Wish, Cena


Kyle O’Reilly took to his Instagram account on Wednesday, celebrating referee legend Tiger Hattor. He worked his final two matches yesterday. O’Reilly said,

“Congratulations on your retirement from the Wrestling business Tiger-San! Like so many others, Tiger Hattori was instrumental in helping me fulfill my dream of wrestling in Japan. One of the coolest OG dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with in this crazy line of work. A retirement much deserved, thanks maaaaaan. Have one on me 🤙🏻🍻🍷 (1st pic is my first night ever in Japan 2nd pic is our last night working together in London)”

WWE posted the following video, showing Roman Reigns granting a wish to Israel Rodriguez. Israel has been battling leukemia since 2019:

WWE posted the following video, showing John Cena’s episode of their Ruthless Aggression documentary series:

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