LA Park Will Debut a Cooking Segment on MLW Fusion


LA Park will be debuting his very own cooking show/segment on MLW Fusion. According to the MLW website, this is going to be one segment you do not want to miss! What will LA Park cook up? “No one dares to ask”.

If you follow LA Park on social media (which is mandatory), you may be familiar with his popular grilling videos.

Often cooking lakeside in Mexico, the legendary luchador is as mean in the ring as he is in the kitchen. That’s why MLW made the obvious move and offered the brawling luchador his own segment on MLW Fusion.

This weekend the chairman of MLW invites you to to join him on his new cooking segment on MLW Fusion tentatively called “¡LA Park en la cocina, pendejos!“

What will Park be cooking? No one dares to ask.


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