Lacey Evans & Her Daughter Visit Pottery Class, Asuka Buys New iMac (Videos)


You can check out Asuka’s latest vlog below. In this week’s episode, she buys a new iMac and upgrades it:

“In August 2020 Apple released the latest iMacs with the announcement. Yes, I bought the iMac that just came out this month as soon as I could. This model is a 27-inch 5K iMac with 16G DDR4 memory. iMac can easily increase the memory, I added 16G x 2 and made it to total 48G. And for storage, I bought a 1TB 1000 MB/s external SSD.”

Lacey Evans has posted her latest vlog, showing herself and her daughter attending a pottery class:

“Its never too early to start doing stuff you really want to do. Ive always wanted to try pottery and this was our first class!!! Next week will be the pottery wheel!!! wish us luck!!!”

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