Lacey Evans Provides Pregnancy Update & Receiving “Good News”


WWE Superstar Lacey Evans has been absent from WWE television following her sudden pregnancy announcement back in February. Lacey appeared on the “Spouse Angle” podcast to provide wrestling fans with an update on her pregnancy, along with receiving some very “good news”.

Evans said, “It may not be good news to a lot of people, but this is my second pregnancy. I’m juggling being a WWE superstar, being pregnant, having to go through the body of a woman and everything she has to do in order to be a mom and staying fit because I have to come back guns blazing to get back in the ring. That’s hard as a mother, as a woman, as a superstar, but I’m a United States Marine, so I can do it. The good news is, I had gestational diabetes very bad with my first daughter and I’ve been going through a lot of tests with this pregnancy.”

She continued, “I just found out that my thyroid, through diet, through mental physical discipline diet, I have not only fixed my thyroid on a level to where it’s high enough to where it gives me energy and I can keep going and be the mom my baby needs, but I do not have gestational diabetes like I thought I would, so I’m continuing to keep that going. It’s huge because it impacts not only my baby, but my life and this is hard and can be draining. Through hard work, discipline, eating right, working out every day, I have a healthy pregnancy thus far and don’t have gestational diabetes. Fingers crossed it’ll continue. If not, we’ll take the punches as they come.”

You can listen to the podcast at the link provided below:

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