Lacey Evans Reacts To Being Added To The PWI Women’s 100 List


Lacey Evans took to her Instagram account today, reacting to being added to this year’s PWI Women’s 100 list. As previously reported, Bayley ranked #1 while Evans came in at #43. She said,

“In less than 12 months:

. ● 50 matches ✔

. ● 25 of which were against Women’s title holders.✔

. ● 3 #1 contendership bouts✔

. ● 5 PPVs (including main eventing RAW elimination chamber) ✔

. ● Made HISTORY in Saudi Arabia in a FIRST ever Women’s wrestling match.✔

. ● Last Women Standing Match.✔

. ● Womens Money in the Bank Ladder Match.✔

. ● Fatal five-way Wrestlemania 36✔

. Prior to any of this…. I’ve never been through a table, didnt have much pro wrestling/entertainment experience whatsoever. Somehow went from waving and leaving to kendo sticks and main events. Had no Idea what I would be doing from one day to the next but knew when my music hit I needed to go out there and do the best I could. Juggling raising a child, homeschooling and my marriage on the road while learning and listening to the best in the business. To say I’m proud is an understatement. To say I’m thankful would never be enough. And for them to say “HAS YET TO CAPTURE GOLD” pisses me off.

. Thinking of the blood, sweat and tears I had to swap with these nasties after reading these INCREDIBLE numbers almost makes me vomit.

. #NothingButNasties #MondayMotivation #SassySouthernBelle #LimitlessLady #StillClassyThough

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