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NewsLacey Evans Trends Over Conspiracy Theory Post About Autism & ADD

Lacey Evans Trends Over Conspiracy Theory Post About Autism & ADD



WWE Superstar Lacey Evans has been trending on social media after a controversial post doubting the existence of autism and attention deficit disorder.

Evans returned to WWE programming earlier this year after over a year away due to a pregnancy.

Sharing a clip from, the video Evans featured on her Instagram stories features two men casting doubt on Autism and ADD diagnosis numbers.


The two claim that developmental disabilities did not exist before, implying that they have been made up for some purpose.

After facing backlash from fans for sharing the post, Evans doubled down on Twitter with a series of tweets. She wrote,

I watched a video on the impact of processed food is having on our children and I shared the video. yall are insane.”

“Side note. Like EVERYTHING else in life (headline is misleading). Watch the video. He literally says there has been huge difference in health since eating processed foods.”

Evans has since deleted both tweets.

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