Lana Confronts Sammy Guevara Legends Of The Ring Convention


Former WWE Superstar Lana and AEW Superstar Sammy Guevara both appeared at the Legends of the Ring convention in New Jersey over the weekend.

When the two ran into each other, Lana confronted Guevara and claimed he “cheated” during his recent TNT title match with Miro. She said,


“First of all, you cheated. You legitimately cheated.”

When Guevara said Miro was actually the one who tried to cheat by exposing the turnbuckles, she replied with the following,

“He never cheats, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. We always play by the rules. They cheated and they won, so I might have to steal this (the title) in the middle of the night.”

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