Lana & Rusev To Release Comic Book Next Year


Lana revealed that herself and her husband and fellow WWE superstar Rusev will be releasing a comic book in 2019 while doing a recent interview with Here is what she had to say:

“Yes, we’re writing our own comic book. It’s actually been a dream of mine for a very long time because I’m a huge comic book fan and Rusev is too, or Miroslav and so, we finally found….I’m actually working with Jason Starr, who is a comic book writer and we are creating a comic book together, so yeah, I can’t yet give out the information on who is the illustrator, but the writer is Jason Starr and we are creating characters.

At least one of the two main ones will be inspired from me and my husband, so I can give that much information so far. I’m really, really excited about it, it’s been a big longtime dream coming and it was just finding the right person to write it and the right situatin and yeah, it’s really exciting, it’s in the beginning stages, but I would say within the next year for sure.”

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