Lana Says Miro Wouldn’t Allow Her To Create An OnlyFans Account


Former WWE Superstar Lana (CJ Perry) revealed during an appearance on Highspots that her husband and AEW star Miro would not allow her to create an “OnlyFans” account. She said,

I stay open to all forms of entertainment except for OnlyFans because my husband doesn’t allow me. Every time he’ll be like, ‘Do what you want!’ I’m like, I guess that means don’t do it. I was trying to get Miro to do OnlyFans and [shakes head no]. Really? I feel like you just have to find your group of people. But there might be a ton of people that might want to see Miro’s naked body. Or not even naked, just those jacked thighs. But also he loves himself so much. I wasn’t going to do totally nude, anyways. With him, it’s just the idea and just the name, even. I’m like, ‘I wouldn’t be naked, it could be just your feet.’ Also, with Miro, the thing is he loves himself. Truly, I love my husband. I adore him, but I really think that no one — like when Miro looks in the mirror, no one loves himself more than he does. It’s also so entertaining that I walk into a room and he’s like standing in front of the mirror flexing and doing the helicopter naked.

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