Lana Talks What John Laurinaitis Said To Her When She Was Released, WWE ThunderDome


Former WWE star Lana was the guest this week on Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast to discuss a wide range of topics. 

Here are the highlights: 

The piped-in chants at the ThunderDome:

“It’s all a little bit rigged for sure.  This is where I miss having fans.  If the chants have already been done before, they can clip it.  So the ‘This is awesome’ chants, they can definitely do.  I think Bianca and Rhea, at one of the matches, they auto in ‘This is awesome’ chant.  I think that’s great, especially if you have the stuff.  It sets the tone.  So many people have gotten over because in one city, some chant started that you were trying to get over, it hooks, and then people on television see and they keep doing it.  I know they’ve clipped in other ones.  They definitely do the boos and the cheers.”

Her WWE release: 

“I got a call from Johnny Ace.  The crazy thing is I thought he was calling me about something completely different.  I can’t tell you yet what the show is, but I was offered to do another television show. They went through the whole process with WWE, and they approved it.  So I thought he was calling me about more of those details because that’s what we were all discussing the day before.  He said, ‘I’m calling you about your 90 days.  You’re getting released.’  I was standing next to the pool.  My heart dropped, but at the same time, I felt really relieved, which was really weird, because I did not expect to feel relieved.  I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulder and I could breathe.  If someone would have told me that would have happened, I would be like, no way.  I love my job.  I love the people that I worked with.  Yea, things are sh**ty at times, but that’s why it’s a job.  He said, ‘Stay in touch.  You’ve worked your a** off.’  I said, ‘Was there anything I did wrong?’  He said, ‘No.  You’ve worked your a** off.  You’ve improved tremendously in the ring.  Thank you for working hard.  Stay close.’”

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