Lana & The Rock Continue Their Feud Via Twitter, Chris Jericho Discusses His Most Recent WWE Run


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— During an interview with The Boston
to promote his upcoming Fozzy tour, Chris Jericho
commented on his recent WWE return. Jericho said:

“I’m as cutting edge and creative as I’ve ever been. Sometimes fans
will put restrictions on you because of your age. My last match with the company
was against Randy Orton and we stole the show. We were telling a great story,
and doing things in the match that other people wouldn’t do or couldn’t do. As
long as I can still cut new ground and have great matches, with fire and
passion, I’ll continue to come back.”

— As noted earlier here on the website, WWE did not want the Rock doing
anything more physical on RAW last night than what he did. This led to no Rock
Bottoms or People’s Elbows. WWE did this not only for The Rock, but also to keep
Rusev strong. While a match between The Rock and Rusev is unlikely anytime soon,
WWE may consider it again when WrestleMania 31 gets closer.

— WWE Diva Lana continues to call out The Rock as she tweeted the following

“I told @TheRock to SHUT UP. He didn’t listen. Their will be
consequences for these actions. #RAW @WWE @RusevBUL”

“I’m obviously stunning/beautiful/perfect @TheRock but I know word in English
and Russian that perfectly describes you… PIG! @RusevBUL”

The Rock responded with the following:

“@LanaWWE @WWE @RusevBUL Clearly, you didn’t appreciate my “Smirnoff
bottle shoved up your Putin” joke. You’re still smokin’.

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