Lance Archer Comments On Advice He Received From Sting During Their Time In TNA


AEW star Lance Archer recently appeared on The Wrestling Perspective podcast as he spoke about the advice given from “The Icon” Sting during their time in TNA (Impact Wrestling) years ago.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


Archer on his interactions with Sting while in TNA: “He joined TNA and did a few spot shots, I actually got to film and be part of the movie he made about his faith and life. We got to do a scene where it was a dream sequence scene and he’s in the ring and everyone is up on the corners. I got to hit him with a chair and I’m like, ‘I can retire right now. I got to hit Sting with a chair.’ For me, it was the coolest thing. he was nothing but cool.”

On getting advice from Sting: “I do remember after he signed on with TNA, I didn’t know where my career was going, as far as TNA was concerned or the business of wrestling, there was a moment where I had to have a real heart-to-heart with myself and decide what I want to do in the business. I reached out to him and we talked about it. He gave me a lot of thoughts and advice. They try to say, ‘don’t meet your heroes because they’ll disappoint you.’ He’s never been disappointing. He’s always been a good and genuine dude, always willing to give advice and talk to you if he’s got the time. He’s never big-timed me or anybody I’ve heard that he’s treated that way. He’s been absolutely cool, from the TNA days, now getting to work with him in AEW. I hope for, and I asked for a match back in TNA with him, but it didn’t happen. I’m hoping that, at some point, before he retires, maybe I’ll be his retirement match. Everybody dies, Murderhawk Monster takes out Sting.”

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