Lance Storm

Lance Storm Comments On Dominik Mysterio, Roman Reigns & Retribution Angle


Former WWE Superstar and WCW/ECW Alumnist Lance Storm was interviewed by  WrestlingINC where he discussed Dominik Mysterio’s wrestling ability, Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and the Retribution angle.

On Dominik Mysterio’s wrestling ability: “He showed an aptitude right away. He had done a bit of training before he got to me, but yeah, really good kid, picked it up well, and he obviously is benefiting greatly by having them take care of him and working with really good people. But yeah, he’s doing phenomenal, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He and Rey have just been traded to SmackDown. So if you want to watch SmackDown on Friday night, you’ll get to see Dominik and Rey Mysterio.”

On Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman: “Certainly this week but I think the Roman thing with Heyman has just hit on all cylinders and has been absolutely fantastic, and the Rey Mysterio thing has been doing really well on RAW. So moving it to SmackDown certainly bolsters that, and you got Bayley and Sasha too. Drew McIntyre has been doing well, although, I do feel like everyone’s ready for him to move on to something new from the Randy Orton program. I think RAW, as far as the big top things, they still have The Hurt Business. It’s fresh and on fire, but there’s at least three of the top five things in WWE on SmackDown. With it being the smaller show, it’s really coming off like Friday nights are a loaded must-see.”

On Retribution: “I wouldn’t be the most excited if I was in the group. Mercedes Martinez might be breathing a sigh of relief. She’s been the survivor and scooted out before whatever they’re doing now is happening.”

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