Lance Storm Reacts to Working for Jim Cornette, Drew McIntyre Calls out The Shield


Lance Storm recently tweeted the following, giving his thoughts on Jim Cornette after a fan asked him to explain the “hilarious-to-frightening ratio” that Jim Cornette gives off. Storm said,

“Always loved working with/for @TheJimCornette. He’s passionate and loves wrestling. The trick is to realize if he’s screaming at you it’s because it’s important to him and not personal. Let him vent because once you get past the bumblefucks and dadgumits he’s usually right.”

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre tweeted the following on Saturday, noting that he’s planning to destroy The Shield this Monday on RAW. He said,

“This Monday night on Raw, I will finally destroy The Shield.

P.S I wouldn’t get your hopes up for Seth making it to WrestleMania #RAW”

As previously reported here on eWn, Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins is confirmed for Monday’s RAW TV tapings in Chicago, IL:

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