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NewsLance Storm Reveals His Mt Rushmore Of Canadian Wrestlers

Lance Storm Reveals His Mt Rushmore Of Canadian Wrestlers



Former WWE, ECW and WCW wrestler Lance Storm has revealed his Mt Rushmore of Canadian wrestlers.

Asked the question in an appearance on the It’s My House Podcast, here was Lance Storm’s choices for the best of the best of Canadian wrestlers:

“I think you have to have Bret Hart. Yeah, I wouldn’t have initially thought Pat Patterson, because I don’t associate him with as a Canadian wrestler, but when you mentioned that name, and how important he was both as a wrestler but more and more importantly as just a backbone genius in the success of WWF and WWE for so many years it’s like I’m definitely gonna put Pat Patterson on there. I’ll throw Jericho on there, especially for the longevity period which leaves one spot, which makes me want to go further back, but I don’t know enough of my history to name further back, so I’m thinking a little bit more and you know I’m gonna go with and again it’s more my timeframe, but I’m going to go with Rick Martel.”

Who would you have on your Canadian Mt Rushmore? Let us know in the comments, or over on our Twitter and Facebook pages. And, you can keep up with all your wrestling news here on eWrestlingNews.

You can check out Lance Storm’s full interview on the It’s My House Podcast below:

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