Lance Storm & Rusev Joke Around About the “Bad” in WWE


Lance Storm took to Twitter on Saturday, commenting on his upcoming job with WWE as a coach at the Performance Center. When Storm said something about the “good” and “bad” in WWE, Rusev commented that there is “no bad” in WWE. The two then joked around, which you can see below. Storm said,

“2 weeks away from my biggest career/life change in the last 15 years. 14 days from now #SWA will be closed, 15 days from now I’ll be heading back out on the road. There is good and bad to both but I’m actually quite excited about what lies ahead.”

Rusev replied with the following, “There is no bad in WWE.”

Storm then replied with the following, “Really? I’ve heard some guys there will try to sleep with your wife. That can’t be good.”

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