​Lance Storm Says He Isn’t A Fan Of Seth Rollins’ Turnbuckle Bomb, More


Former WWE and WCW talent Lance Storm appeared on the Wrestling Observer Radio this week where he gave his thoughts on the shoulder injury Finn Balor suffered at Sunday night’s WWE Summerslam pay-per-view event.

Storm said: “When you’re throwing someone backwards at stuff who is partially obstructed… I’ve seen guys, if you come a little short, they bang their head on the barricade, too high you hit your back and fold yourself the wrong way. When your moves have a high risk but the risk is on you, I don’t mind it as much. But when you’re throwing guys backwards, the risk is all on him and I don’t like stuff like that. I didn’t like it when Sting took the buckle-bomb, and I don’t like it when other guys take the buckle bomb.”

He mentioned Tommy Dreamer as someone who took a lot of risks, but the risk was only to Dreamer.

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