Lanny Poffo States Randy Savage Was Afraid to Do Promos at First, Talks Hall of Fame Speech


Lanny Poffo talked about his brother Randy Savage’s early fear of promos, the Hall of Fame speech he gave and more in a new interview with Wrestling Inc. Highlights are down below:

On inducting Randy into the WWE Hall of Fame: “Not only was it a great honor, what really touched me, was right in sequence after the speech, after all the lights had been gone and everybody had left the building, one after the other, Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes gave me a hug and said what a great speech it was. And I said, ‘The two greatest interviews that ever lived have just given me the greatest praise I’ve ever had, thank you.’ It meant a lot coming from those two. And then the very next year, neither one of them was alive. So the lesson is, if you have something nice to say, say it now… Life is fragile, so if you can spread a little joy or a little love, go ahead.”

On Randy Savage’s early fear of promos: “The first time that Randy wrestled, you could tell he was gonna be the greatest in-ring performer you ever saw. But he only had one problem, he was too skinny… So he decided to work hard on his physique. Finally he’s got his physique up to par, now he looks like a main-eventer. One trouble, the missing piece in the puzzle: no confidence with his interviews. He even had anxiety attacks and panic attacks where your heart races and you can’t catch your breath, so he says, ‘Lanny, can you help me with my interviews?’ He had never asked me for help about anything, he always gave help. So I said, ‘First of all, you’re doing great,’ and he said, ‘No I’m not doing great, I gotta do better.’ I said, ‘Well if your name is Savage and you wrestle like a savage and your hair is like a savage and your beard is like a savage, who’s your favorite savage interview? Let’s copy him…I said, ‘He’s got it!’ And then he spent the next three months in the bathroom mirror, and I promise you, when he came out of that bathroom mirror he was the best interview you had ever heard in your life,” Poffo said. “That was his breakthrough, and I feel good about it, but then he took it and ran with it and developed a personality that nobody’s going to ever forget.”

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