Larry Zbyszko Talks Chris Jericho & WWE Lawsuit


Wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Larry Zbyszko recently sat down for an interview with It’s My Wrestling Podcast where he discussed a wide range of topics, including the time that he filed a lawsuit against now AEW star Chris Jericho and WWE over the use of his nickname “The Living Legend”.

This is what Larry had to say on the situation:

Even though WCW just ended I was still using the “Living Legend” to do independent wrestling and TNA stuff when they started. So I was still using the living legend – that was my trademark. Then he (Jericho) started using the living legend name. I kind of was talking to some WWE people. I was trying to maybe work something out where I come in and wrestle Jericho. Then it didn’t work out, so I wound up filing a lawsuit against them to make them shut up.

We filed it but then it was just kind of like a double knockout and nothing happened. Okay, we (Jericho) won’t use it, okay good. I mean there really wasn’t much I could do, I could come in and do broadcasting, I was getting too old to wrestle. I mean, there’s no hard feelings against the WWE or anything.

Jericho would go on to make comments about Zbyszko and his commentary skills back in his WCW days, which Larry went on to say may stem from the lawsuit debacle.

You can catch the full episode here.

What do you make of Larry Zbyszko’s comments? Do you think Jericho’s comments about Larry were nothing more than sour grapes or was the Hall of Famer really not that good on the commentary table? Let us know below

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