Lars Sullivan Told to Only Use Particular Move for Special Occasions


There seems to have been some rumors going around suggesting Lars Sullivan has been banned from using the diving head-butt. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this is not true. Instead, Sullivan has been told by the higher-ups to only use the move for special occasions.

Meltzer noted that, while the move is impressive for a guy of Sullivan’s size, it does have a history of being detrimental to performer’s health. Harley Race, who popularized the move, has said that he wishes he never invented it due to the long-term neck damage it has caused him. Other practitioners of the move include Dynamite Kid, Chris Benoit, and Daniel Bryan.

Kid ended up in a wheelchair before he was 40, and both Benoit and Bryan had major neck issues. Bryan’s issues are difficult to tie to the move, however, it’s generally believed that the move was a key factor to Benoit’s neck issues. It’d be smarter to use the move for special occasions, as using it regularly on a daily basis for years could cause great health concerns.

Sullivan’s new move, the running Liger bomb, is more in tune with a powerhouse-style athlete anyway. Of course, the move impacts the opponent more than the performer.

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