Latest WWE ‘Hangout’ Video, Prichard Speaks Out + Rhodes


ESPN has an article on the new Cody Rhodes action figure from Mattel, which comes with Rhodes’ mustache. It will be a package deal with a Sin Cara figure.

Rhodes said: “I did a head scan for Mattel, but I didn’t have the mustache back then. They’ll probably just draw the mustache on. You don’t need advanced technology for something so silly, but you never know — Mattel does some pretty advanced stuff. It’s pretty amazing how much the figures really look like us.”

The article also says that Mattel’s WWE figures are the number one property in the US ahead of G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and Marvel.

— Dr. Tom Prichard had an interview with Jordan Michael Coulson of Vegas Fuel energy drink. The video includes a discussion of comics, Lord of the Rings, the decline of the USA, the IWC, The Miz, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, comparing WWE to Marvel, Jerry “The King” Lawler, the next big star in wrestling, the most underused talent in wrestling and what Prichard would do if he ran a wrestling company.

— Here is the debut episode of WWE’s latest Youtube show “WWE Hangout”, featuring Tyson Kidd.

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