Laurel Van Ness Speaks On Working With Grado, The Rosemary-Sexy Star Incident, Being In A WWE Storyline & More


GFW Knockout Laurel Van Ness was recently interviewed by SportsKeeda to discuss a number of GFW and non-GFW topics. Van Ness spoke on the incident between Rosemary and Sexy Star at AAA’s TripleMania event. She also went over being a part of a WWE storyline back in 2014, where she played the role of Daniel Bryan’s therapist, and more.

Here are the highlights:


Van Ness On Working With Grado:

“I love it. I get asked that a lot. He’s so funny and so fun to work with and I think that translates to what you see on TV; in the in-ring segments and promos.”

Rosemary-Sexy Star Incident:

“I really don’t have an opinion on Sexy Star, but I will say about the whole situation is that when we get in the ring, our main goal is to keep each other safe. So, it’s upsetting that there would be an injury in the ring especially to a very safe worker, a sound worker.”

Being A Part Of A WWE Storyline:

“That was very terrifying. I actually took part as an extra and they ended up needing someone to play that role and asked me and it was very nerve-racking and it was sink or swim moment for me in my career. But I think that I did well for the job that I was doing and it’s an amazing experience to look back on.”

GFW Putting On A “Mae Young Classic” Style Tournament:

“We actually have Knockouts PPV called the Knockouts Knockdown, which’s a lot like the Mae Young Classic. We shoot an angle and bring in talent from all over the world. Actually, some of the talent from the Mae Young Classic has been a part of the Knockouts Knockdown.”


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