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NewsLawler vs. Jarrett Update, Indy Wrestler Pulls Out, Dreamer

Lawler vs. Jarrett Update, Indy Wrestler Pulls Out, Dreamer



Partial Source: Pwinsider

— A few weeks ago, CHIKARA wrestler Icarus posted a video asking fans to rally around the promotion and bring it back. He posted on the forum that he needed to know who had his back and on September 14 at the Philadelphia Art Museum steps at 11 AM, everyone should show their support. A link was posted for people to fill out their contact information. After a day, Icarus told people on Twitter that his account was hacked, and when clicking on the link, fans found a Condor Security logo. There are now rumors that the Chikara storyline is still ongoing and the last Director of Fun, Wink Vavvaseur and Condor are behind it. Several members of the forums began receiving phone calls from security personnel telling them to stay away from the Art Museum steps on September 14.

— When Jerry Lawler vs. Jeff Jarrett happens at the Memphis reunion show, it will be their first match since 1996. Meanwhile, a possible reason that Austin Idol is no longer a part of the show, is that he agreed to a fee and when he learned it would air on iPPV (or be taped for DVD), he pulled out feeling that the situation was different than what he agreed to.

— Tommy Dreamer vs. CW Anderson in an I Quit match will also happen on October 5 for Vanguard Championship Wrestling in North Carolina. This is the second I Quit match between the two in a month after years of not doing the stipulation.

— Dreamer’s House of Hardcore school celebrated its first anniversary. He wrote on Twitter that his students are doing better in their first year of training than he was at the same stage in his career.

— The ECWA will hold their 46th Anniversary show Saturday in Newark, Delaware. It will feature a main event of ECWA champion Papadon vs. VSK vs. Ricky Reyes vs. Apollyon. Mike Mondo, Ahtu and others are also scheduled to appear. You can find more details here.

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