Lawsuit Over WWE Replica Belts Dismissed – Details



The Figures Toy Company, which filed a lawsuit against WWE on August 28 claiming they tried to end the contract between the two for Figures’ WWE title belt replica license and were trying to go to the factory that created the belts directly to eliminate Figures as a middle-man. That lawsuit was officially dismissed yesterday. Figures said that WWE was unhappy with the quality of the belts and the speed of their delivery of the new WWE title belt and tried to use that as a reason to end the deal. This came after WWE allegedly increased their orders without any warning and the fact that the new design requires jewels to be hand-crafted to the belt.

Figures asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed on November 21. They didn’t reveal why. WWE never officially responded to the suit. The judge said that the dismissal was “with prejudice”, which would prevent Figures from filing it later.

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