Layla Speaks Out – NBA Playoffs, Diva Search, & More


Layla recently spoke about her time as a Miami Heat Dancer, here are the highlights…

When you were with the Heat, who was your favorite player?: “Shaq was my favorite because of his personality. He brought so much attention to Miami, and he promised a ring and a championship to the Miami Heat and he did just that.”

Can you describe what it was like being part of the NBA playoffs?: “It was electrifying because Miami hadn’t won anything in a long time. We knew we were close to getting a ring, so everyone was really excited. It was a ‘whiteout,’ where everyone wore white in the arena. Honestly, the noise from there was probably one of the loudest things I’ve ever heard. People were anticipating every move. It was surreal because we finally knew we were going to win. I didn’t get to take part in the parade, though, as I was headed right to the Diva Search.”

So you went right from winning the NBA Championship to the Diva Search, which led you here?: “It literally happened within the span of a week. I still have my championship ring, which I’m very proud of. I keep it in its box. I hardly show it to anyone, it’s really sacred to me.”

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