Leaked Video: NXT Talent Talks About Murdering Kids


Earlier this month, fans got a peek inside the characters the future Superstars of WWE have been developing at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, as footage from the sports-entertainment organization’s “Presentations Skills” class surfaced online. One of the most notable presentations came from Buddy Murphy (a/k/a Matt Silva), a 5’10” 230-pound wrestler from Australia, who depicted his character as having multiple personality disorder.

In his presentation, Murphy initially taps into Australian stereotypes before “breaking character” to ridicule the company-ordered persona and subsequently identifies himself in a shoot-style manner. As Murphy speaks, he makes a disturbing reference to being a wrestler who would go home and murder his children.

After asking the cameraman to cease filming, Murphy states, “Are you happy? Are you happy? So finally, the Australian’s doing the stereotype Australian gimmick. Finally, Buddy Murphy is coming out his shell. Finally, Buddy Murphy is showing some personality. I’ve always had this personality, I just don’t know what personality you’re going to get.

“See that guy walks through the door, he’s upstairs, doesn’t have a smile on his face, that’s me too. The guy that sits in the locker room and stares at holes down the wall, and you’re wondering what he’s thinking, if he’s going to go home and murder my kids, that’s me too [laughs heard in the background].

“But, this is what you want. This is what you want. Well just remember this; you might get what you want, but you don’t always get who you want.”

A individual managed to save the footage before it was removed from public eyes and made it available on YouTube again; here is Murphy’s promo.

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