Lee Marshall Had Health Concerns In 2009


Lee Marshall had asked for help from Diamond Dallas Page back in 2009 because he was worried about his health. Here’s the testimonial from DDP’s blog:

Dallas, my doctor told me I am going to die, can you help me? That was the phone call “Diamond” Dallas Page received from Lee Marshall just over a year ago. Lee is currently a working radio DJ and is also the voice of Tony the Tiger. Once a powerful 500 pound bench-presser he was nearly crippled and 70 pounds over weight with ballooning blood pressure. He was a coffin candidate with a rain check for a stroke. Dallas knew what it meant to have major physical setbacks as he had a career crushing injury himself. Today he has fully recovered as a direct result of the YRG exercise therapy program he developed for himself. A year later, Marshall is still around, but considerably thinner and with a significantly lower blood pressure offering the prospect for a long life. His doctor, Sherry Yudell, M.D. jokingly said; “you made a liar out of me.”

Author link: Backstage WWE News

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