Leon Ruff Says He Thought He Was Being Pranked By WWE After Title Win


During a recent edition of WWE’s “The Bump”, NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff commented on defeating Johnny Gargano in a shocking upset, thinking it was a prank at first, and more. You can check out some highlights from the show below:

On his NXT debut and title win: “This whole experience has been crazy in itself. It’s also been a dream come true while also feeling like I’m still dreaming. It’s been crazy; I haven’t been able to sleep, still. I would say I smile a lot, but I do that a lot anyway.”

On getting his first big break with EVOLVE: “So, I’ve been wrestling for three years. I started my wrestling journey wrestling at the WWA4 [World Wrestling Alliance] in Atlanta, Georgia under AR Fox. And it was really under his wing, that’s I started learning a lot and to travel. Me and AR Fox was able became the EVOLVE Tag Team champions together, we was able to wrestle at a lot of different promotions. So EVOLVE is really where I got my start, because that’s the promotion that signed me. And a lot of the shows and a lot of the great talent I got to work was through EVOLVE.”

On getting called by WWE to be offered a job: “So when I got that first call, it was unbelievable. I honestly thought it was a prank at first, because Monday Night Raw was a brand I couldn’t watch growing up because it came on too late and we had a bedtime. So when I finally started watching Raw, it was a new world to me. You know, it was different, it was a different color. I knew it was red, but just the lights and lighting of it was so different. But not being able to watch it as a kid, and now I’m going to be featured on Monday Night Raw. It was something I couldn’t believe was happening to me.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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