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Jay Lethal and Matt Taven Continue War of Words Ahead of Tonight’s Title Match


Ahead of their long-awaited confrontation for the Ring of Honor World Championship tonight on pay-per-view, Jay Lethal and Matt Taven spoke to Fightful about the moment where Jay destroyed Matt Taven’s custom World Heavyweight Championship.

Taven would say that the championship that was damaged will not be gone forever:

“The Real World’s Championship is still in my possession, it’s my property. It was damaged by Jay Lethal. I’m a stand-up man, and like to settle things mano-a-mano. I’m going to Jay Lethal and slap him in his mouth for what he did. I’m going to make that title better than it’s ever been. I’m going to take that piece of tin and show Ring of Honor what is fit for a king. The Real Ring of Honor World Title might be gone for now, but it’s not gone forever.”

Jay Lethal, on the other hand, defended his actions and re-established the fact that there is no need for a faux ROH Championship:

“From a visual perspective, it looked just like my belt. It was just purple and had more stones on it. From Matt Taven’s perspective, it was better because it was his and he owned it. I don’t think it was ugly, but what it represented was. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t one of my favorite things I’ve ever done — getting to destroy the belt. I got to use the bat and the axe. I don’t think I’ve ever hit anything with a bat and the axe. I’m an awful baseball player — which is why you’ve never seen me talk about that part of the (Randy Savage impersonation).”

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