Leva Bates On Being Abandoned By Aiden English In NXT


The New Day’s Xavier Woods continues his campaign against Aiden English as the pair prepare to go head-to-head on tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live in the first round of the United States Championship Tournament. Woods has been using the slogan “It’s not a vote for me. It’s a vote for three,” and has also labelled English as a “scoundrel.” Woods recently interviewed NXT star Leva Bates, formerly known as Blue Pants, to discuss her relationship with English. Here are the highlights:

Joining WWE: “I worked so long and so hard in the independents and I finally got there,” said Bates. “I finally achieved the dream, and I was there at WWE. Words can’t describe how I was feeling.”


Her relationship with English: “He was so kind. He was so sweet. We instantly became friends, got along really quickly,” Bates said. “So that’s why, of course, I helped them out at TakeOver. Helped them win the tag titles.” Woods then asked Bates what happened after they won the titles. Bates explained, “We had the NXT afterward, and I chased off Alexa Bliss to help them out. That night, I gave him a call and let him know how it all went down, and, he didn’t answer.

“Time passed, he never called back, never returned any of my calls or texts. He just kinda — ghosted me. And when I needed him the most, when I was getting beat down by monsters, he wasn’t there. He just threw me away. He got what he wanted, and then he just discarded me like I was nothing but a piece of trash. It hurt, you know? I really thought we were friends. But Aiden English — he’s nothing but a scoundrel.”

Watch the interview here:

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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