Levi Cooper (Tucker) Details Why Heavy Machinery Never Won The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles


Levi Cooper, the man formerly known as Tucker, has talked about why he believes Heavy Machinery never won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Speaking to Joey Karni of The Angle Podcast, Cooper had this to say on his feelings on Heavy Machinery :

“Obviously disappointment, at the risk of sounding arrogant, I think maybe a part of the reason we didn’t get those [Tag Team Titles] is because we were able to get over on our own. We’re this big babyface team, you listen to the crowd when we come out, they love us they’re all about us, you don’t need to put the straps on us for them to be like ‘hey we like these guys and we’re all about them, we’re already all about them.’ So to me, I think that’s a piece of it. Championships are… for a lack of a better term television props, it’s the prize that’s fought over when there’s a protagonist and an antagonist, they have to both want the same thing for that conflict to work. In a wrestling setting, that’s what the championship exists for. Obviously, the main championship, the top prize that comes with a level of stature, there’s a realness about being that guy… The tag championships for me, it doesn’t mean that we’re any better or worse than any other tag team, it’s just a part of our television atmosphere and what we do. And of course, we’re gonna try and get those, but when we were having conversations together me and Otis, it was about how do we think the audience is gonna react to us, versus what do we need to do to get those tag team championships.”

What do you make of Levi Cooper’s comments? And, do you think Heavy Machinery should have won tag team championships in WWE? Let us know in the comments, or over on our Twitter and Facebook pages. And, you can keep up to date with all your wrestling news here on eWrestlingNews.

You can check out Levi Cooper’s full interview on The Angle Podcast below:

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