Lex Luger Discusses His Relationship With Randy Savage


Lex Luger discussed what his relationship was like with Randy Savage during a recent interview on Macho Mecca and more. Here are the highlights: 

Randy Savage: 


“Mach and I always had a great relationship. A lot of people don’t know that. We traveled down the road a lot. In spite of everything, including with Elizabeth, Mach and I always got along really, really well. I didn’t see any personality change with him but talk about a different look. I was like, ‘Mach, you look incredible.’ It might not have been the best for him wrestling-wise because he was carrying a lot of extra weight and none of us were spring chickens anymore at the time, but he looked incredible. Mach was always Mach, and did his personality change along with it? No.”

Savage’s relationship with Hulk Hogan: 

“From my perspective, that’s only a question Hulkster or Mach can answer. I always thought they were like what they call ‘sibling rivalry’ or like brothers that are competitive. They were competitive brothers, almost like family. There was an intense competition between them and almost like love/hate. That was kind of their relationship, and really, they both thrived off of it in a way. It fed their careers, and they were both at the pinnacle – two of the biggest names ever in pro wrestling. So, it was kind of dysfunctional, yet productive at the same time. That’s just my perspective on it being around both of them quite a bit.”

H/T to 411 Mania

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